Zakkiyah Mumin who is professionally known as Zam was born in the year 1963 at the Wilmington General Hospital, in Wilmington, Delaware. Zakkiyah spent all of her life growing up in Wilmington, Delaware and only left to attend school in West Virginia, Garnet Career Center, and Job Corp. Her first artist experience was drawing lines on paper with her mother. While her first sowing experience was with her grandmother. She says he favorite poetry writer is Langston Hughes and her favorite artist is Ofili Chris, because she like his use of color. Zakkiyah says that her main medium for doing her sowing is fabric, clothes, and doll person bag. She likes to use color books as her main form of medium in her drawings. Her favorite subject matter is fashion as she find its hard to choose between the two art forms she does which is her favorite. The meaning behind her artwork Zakkiyah says, “is freedom of expression piece of mind. Relief from pressure, and the act of creating as it creates well being.” The important thing to how she creates her art work is quite. Her future works of art are going to be plus size dresses, because they have the least amount of choices, and she want to bring youth and style to the voluptuous women. She has been a member of CVF for 2 years, as she sees this place as a community made up of other artist’s. This is also place for her to put her strengths and creative energy into and getting from other artists in return.

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